"We offer affordable prices, because we buy direct from farms all over the world. We have professionally trained designers in the latest styles.  We can design unique, cutting edge florals or the classic bouquets.  We have a wide knowledge of the industry and access to growers and farms world-wide.  We are professional, and helpful in planning your event."

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"Calling yourself 'Marvellous' is nothing short of pretentious, unless of course, your last name is 'Marvell'. Then perhaps it's OK to be The Marvellous Catering Company."

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"With over 30 years of catering experience, we guarantee to make your next event magical! Everything we do we do with love, and you won’t find another catering company with as many homemade recipes or fully customized options. If you’re looking for a culinary experience creatively tailored to fit your event, we’re at your service."

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Thirst caters delicious and fun drinks and treats, sure to add to the experience of any event

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"The job of a DJ is to make sure the mood for each phase of the night is exactly the way you envision it. We customize the music to your liking and make sure that every song played is perfect for the occasion."

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